What is the difference between the Z Stream Box VS other brands?

The Z Stream Box programming and interface runs only on Z Stream Box models. The new Z Stream Box Quad Core is our next generation model with faster hardware and optimal features that are unsurpassed in the industry.

With a super fast processor, 16GB Flash memory, dual Wi-Fi with MIMO the Z Stream Box outperforms any smart multimedia player in its class.

The Z Stream Box comes with OTA software updates, premium content, Z Stream Box Wizard and 24/7 Real Time Support.

In addition, the Z Stream Box does not require any type of reprogramming, that means you don’t have to send your unit back and pay additional fees if you want your box to function properly.
Unlike many competitors your Z Stream Box comes with OTA auto updates.
This means when we have new firmware, software or KODI changes versions, your unit will automatically have the update available on the unit.

Competitors won’t tell you this, but if your model does not have OTA support it will have issues within 6 months just like the cheap Fire-sticks and generic M Boxes that are on the market.
We are so confident in our product that we offer a 21 day return policy and 9 month warranty.